Some days it feels like the bad news will never end.
We have covid-related news, economic news, political news . . . all added on top of the typical bad news of cancer diagnosies, broken relationships, and loss.
Last week I was going through my bible & I remembered a verse from when I was going through my dad's cancer diagnosis. My aunt shared the verse with me when we first found about his diagnosis. It encouraged me through his journey till his death and ultimate entry into heaven. The first time I read it, the first few words stopped me in my tracks:
“He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the LORD. His heart is steady; he will not be afraid, until he looks in triumph on his adversaries.” (Psalm 112:7-8)
“He is not afraid of bad news?”
How can this be? There is so much about bad news to be afraid of! I’ll be honest - I’m terrified of bad news and I struggle with wondering what the next piece of bad news will be. If I could only have a bit of a warning, I could prepare myself. But as much as I stretch and strain, I can’t see around the corner and glimpse what’s ahead.
Instead of preparing ourselves for bad news, God wants us to place our trust in Him. We see in these verses, and in many promises in God’s Word, that we can face bad news without fear because we belong to the Lord. We can stand firm, knowing that He is bigger, He is more powerful, and He is the victor over every evil that threatens us. He has already triumphed over every pain, every illness, every sin—even over death itself.
In this world, we will have trouble. There will always be more bad news until the day that Jesus returns. But we can take heart knowing that JESUS HAS OVERCOME THE WORLD!!(John 16:33). We don’t trust in our own might, but in the power of the One who holds our future in His hands.
No matter what you face this week, God triumphs over all our bad news.
In His grip,