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Dear Parents and all those who drive,

Picture this: You’re driving along a frontage road and want to join the highway. You turn up the one way ramp and yield to oncoming traffic until it is safe to move over to said highway and life goes on. Pretty easy right?

How about if you are driving along a main road and take a right at a major intersection to once again join the highway. You take this road everyday and know that this right hand turn is a merge so you slowly begin to speed up to highway speed when WAIT! Someone is using the merge as a yield and you have to slam on your brakes - I know that the majority of you know what I am talking about.

There is nothing more frustrating to me as a driver than having to yield in a merge lane.

This week our core idea is that of “Yield”. Unlike driving though, we are talking about yielding our time, money, resources, talents and will to God’s. In other words, what does it look like to yield our lives to that of the one God would have us walk out.

If we are honest, it’s fairly easy right now to look around our society in this COVID culture and see all the things we have been forced to yield. We have been asked not to go to church, school, on vacation, not to see friends or family, to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries or grieve the loss of loved ones with a funeral. Many weddings have been cancelled or reduced to 5 people and most of us have had to either work from home, work differently or not work at all, all for the greater good of society. We are yielding our daily lives and rituals to the new protocols and practices that have been put in place for us. Now, don’t get me wrong - it’s not that these things haven’t been important or effective, on the contrary.

The point I’m trying to make is this: during this season when we can see so clearly what yielding looks like, it makes it a great time to evaluate our own lives and see where we need to yield to God. To ask the Holy Spirit to show us the areas of our lives that we still think we have control. To look at the 24 hours in the days and see where we spend them. Once we have taken stock of our own walk then we can encourage our students to do the same.

Right now your kids need to know that yielding to the will of God increases their trust in God. What we do know right now is that we don’t know what the future holds, but God does. If we yield our ideas of what that needs to look like and trust Him then no matter what comes we can have peace in remembering God is sovereign and faithful.

Remember Jesus himself yielded to the will of the Father, and it went as far as dying on the cross for each one of us.



Pastor Tiffany