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Dear Parents and Preteens, 

Are you tired of hearing terms like “new normal” yet? What about “unprecedented”?

We now know that after this May long weekend the Province of B.C is moving into Phase 2 of their “Restart” plan.

However, the truth is as we look to the future, there is still much uncertainty and that life as we knew it will continue to be a fond memory.

It’s important to realize that at some point you and the people around you will grieve the loss of the way things were. Even if the past was busy, broken, full of faults and causing many emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical health problems. It was known, it was comfortable, it was even may I say predictable to a certain degree.

So how do you deal with grief? I’m not a professional so I won't speak to that directly here. But I do know that there have been times in my life where the spiritual practice of “Lamenting” has been greatly beneficial.

Lament - not a word we hear often in our current western culture, but the Bible is full of it. Lamenting is not complaining or griping, it's not wallowing or just about being sad. To lament in simple terms is to be open and honest with God about your deepest and most intimate emotions. It’s about coming from a place of humility and crying out to the Lord of all Creation, the One who knows you and is sovereign and faithful. David lamented often, and he knew to start with the overwhelm and bring it to God but he always ended by reminding himself of who God is.

That's important, once you have beared your soul to God you then must remind yourself about who God is and what He has done in the past and that we have the victory through relationship with Jesus.

Maybe you are familiar with lamenting, or maybe this will be new to you.

I hope and pray that this too will be a powerful tool in your spiritual walk that allows you to draw nearer to God in tough times rather than push Him away. 

As we continue to live into 2020, I feel that there is no better time to learn to lament well so that we can recieve the other gifts that God has in store for us through this cultural transformation.



Pastor Tiffany


p.s. I have also attached Week 7 "Lose" which looks at the life of Jesus and ties in nicely to "Lament"