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Before the Service

  1. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before practice starts
  2. Turn on the power for the stack using the key switch and the cooling fan (light switch) on your left when you enter the tech booth.
  3. Turn on the sound board by flipping the power button on the back right of the board.
  4. Recall the appropriate scene.
  5. Click mode on the foyer amp once to change to line input.
  6. Turn on the computer monitor and wake the mac mini. Once it is up and logged in, open 'Universal Control' and 'Capture'.
  7. Turn on the camcorder and open the shutter. Zoom in until the worship team just fills the width of the camera.
  8. Turn on the foyer TV's.
  9. Check the order of service and determine the number of mic's needed. Typically it's 1 headset and 1 handheld mic.
  10. Get the required number of mic's prepared. Make sure the batteries are in the green when tested. If the mic looks like it will be used a fair bit consider using stronger batteries.
  11. Turn each mic on. Test to make sure you are getting a signal from each mic and then turn them off. Ensure the mic channels are muted. Give the headset mic to the person giving the sermon.
  12. The first 10 minutes of practice are set aside for doing initial sound checks with each feed, one at a time. Set the gain and then adjust only if needed from now on.
  13. In Capture, start recording.
  14. During the practice tweak volume, equaliser, and fx for a good overall mix. Take notes of who is leading and if there are any vocal or instrumental solos. Also try moving around the sanctuary to get an idea of how the sound varies in different areas of the room.
  15. Check stream output level using the audio level bar in OBS.
  16. Stop recording when the practice is done.
  17. 5 minutes before the service starts turn the handheld mic on and leave it on a stand near the front edge of the stage.
  18. Start recording again.


  • Mute / unmute channels as needed.
  • Monitor the sound for any echo or feedback and adjust to eliminate it.
  • Tweak the mix and eq's to keep the proper levels.


  1. Stop the recording 
  2. Save any changes to the appropriate scene if desired.
  3. Reset all sliders on the board to '0'
  4. Shut down the sound board by flipping the power switch on the back of the board.
  5. Turn off the camera and close the shutter.
  6. Turn off the stack power by flipping the light switch and key switch at the end of the tech booth.
  7. Collect the mics that were used and remove the batteries. Put away the mics.
  8. Test the batteries and place them in the appropriate tray or container.
  9. Put away stage mics, cords, and monitors.
  10. If the tech room garbage is full, place it outside the door for the custodian.
  11. Lock and close the door to the tech booth and tech storage room(s).