1. Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the practice.
  2. Turn on both computer monitors.
  3. Wake up the pc and log in if needed.
  4. Using the projector remote, turn on the projector.
  5. Open OBS.
  6. In OBS, click 'Tools' then 'Virtual Camera'. Make sure it is started then close the pop up window. 
  7. Open Propresenter 7.
  8. Open Zoom. Make sure it is logged in to [email protected]
  9. Open Chrome. Find and open the Zoom link from the church website. Select 'Open in Zoom' if it pops up.
  10. Once the host allows you in to the Zoom meeting, turn on:
    1. Video (Bottom Left)
    2. Audio (Bottom Left)
    3. Original Sound (Top Left)
  11. Check any videos in Propresenter to ensure functionality and sound level.
  12. Check song lyrics for correctness and order during the practice.
  13. Drag items from the media bin to the background slide to add or change backgrounds for each song.
  14. In the media bin, select video inputs and click on 'Input 2 OBS Feed'. If you ever 'clear all' this will have to be re-selected. *If the camera feed freezes: Close OBS, clear video in propresenter, then restart OBS and redo this step*
  15. If you need to edit the lyrics on a slide:
    • Right click (or Ctrl + left click) on the slide.
    • Left click 'Quick Edit'
    • Make changes to the lyrics in the window that pops up.
    • Left click the 'x' on that pop up window.
    • Left click that slide to display the updated lyrics
    • If you need more time you can get the worship leader to come to the booth once their practice is done and go over this step quickly.
  16. Once the worship practice is over and all questions have been answered, test any untested slides to make sure they will display. Remember to test sound levels with the audio tech for any videos or other computer audio that will get played.
  17. Once all tests are complete, left click on a pre service slide to play the pre service slideshow.
  18. After the practice,  open Winamp and play music. Probably from the 'Preservice' playlist.
  19. When the worship team comes on stage wait for the audio tech to fade out the computer music and then pause winamp.
  20. Select the pro presenter window.
  21. When the worship team is ready or the worship leader welcomes people click the background slide (slide #1) on the first song and click the 'Clear Announcements' button to the right of the preview window.
  22. Follow along displaying the correct lyrics or sermon slides using your notes. Knowing the song can help you get the timing right, but if you don't here are some guidelines:
    • Put the opening lyrics up for a song when the musicians start playing that song's intro.
    • Click to select the next slide one or two words before the end of the current slide. I use "..." in my notes to tell myself if there is a long time between slides and will then wait longer to advance the slide.
    • Not all announcement slides will always get used, and not all announcements have slides.
    • Try to avoid changing slides or blanking the screen during prayer.
  23. After the service, close all programs. Save anything it asks you about.
  24. Turn off the monitors and the foyer tvs.
  25. Use the projector remote to turn off the projector by pressing the standby button twice.