1. Log in to the church's Zoom account at least 30 minutes before the service.
  2. When the tech or other host accounts join, make them a co-host.
  3. Change security settings:
    • Allow people to rename themselves.
    • Do not allow people to turn on their video or mic.
    • Only allow one person who is a host to screen share.
    • Do not allow participants to screen share.
  4. If you notice an issue try to notify the tech person in the church.
  5. 15 minutes before the service start or once the worship team is done it's practice (whichever is later), you can admit people in to the meeting from the waiting room. If the practice is going late you can message people in the waiting room to let them know.
  6. Monitor the service and chat. If someone is causing problems remove them from the meeting.
  7. After the service wait till the chat dies down, then end the meeting for everyone.