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During this season of change here are the methods availale for you to use to give your tithe & offerings so that we can continue to care for the Church building & operations:

1. E-transfer (preferred method)

- etransfer to Jodi Pudney at [email protected]

- send a separate email to her with the password if the transfer requires one.

- make sure you specify what the giving is directed to if it is for something other than General. All unspecified giving will be directed to General.

2. Online

- on our home page - drop the menu down & choose online giving. Follow prompts.

- download Church Center app from your device. Register yourself & your mailing address first time in.

3. Text to give

- text any dollar amount to 84321

4. Put in sealed envelope & place thru the Church mail slot (side door located on Opsika side of the building).

5. If you are unable to use any of these methods we can arrange to pick it up from you.

*If you need assistance with any of these methods get a hold of us and we will help!